6 Deck Privacy Ideas for Your Home

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For those with a deck attached to their homes, this location is a prime spot for hanging out. You can enjoy a BBQ party, playtime with the kids, or just sunbathing in the afternoon sun. As enjoyable as your deck may be, you can sometimes do with a little bit of privacy. Whether you want full coverage or semi-transparent coverage, there are ways to secure your deck from prying eyes.

Fortunately, there are ways to maintain a respectable degree of privacy in your outdoor decks. Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice style to attain this privacy. The following deck privacy ideas look great when put into practice:

1. Additional Wall

If you want to reinforce the privacy you already have, you might want to consider installing more walls. One of the best ways to do this is by the way of an additional fence. By adding in an extra fence to the dimensions of your deck, you can create an entirely new space. This is perfect for those who want a space for private gatherings.

Adding in a new wall or fence will require some labour, of course. However, the wall does not take that long to install, contrary to popular belief. Outsourcing the work to a professional company might be more viable if you do not have the time. The final result will be spectacular; use your imagination to get creative!

2. Semi-Private Ideas

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For those who do not want to completely cordon off themselves from the outside world, you are in luck. There is a myriad of semi-private deck ideas that you can capitalize on. The most common one that many choose to go with is by integrating a trellis. These objects work like a fence would, but they are somewhat transparent.

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This is entirely by design, as a trellis is made in mind with various, decorative aesthetics. Some are more neutral, while others are much more imaginative. You have an assortment of options to go with, when it comes to using a trellis. Make sure that you choose one that matches your deck’s overall look.

3. Outdoor Curtains

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In keeping in line with the theme of semi-private deck ideas, curtains may also be a viable choice. Once you install some pillars, or a similar structure, to your deck, you can hang curtains from them. These are wonderful for those who want some degree of privacy, but don’t want to barricade themselves in full.

Curtains are also really great because they come in multiple colours and designs. Take a look at how your deck is structured. Your curtains don’t want to be overpowering when it comes to their design. They will amplify your deck’s look, not distract from it.

4. Plants

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When it comes to deck privacy, you can’t go wrong with vegetation. You’ve probably seen how well this can be applied when the plants grow alongside nearby concrete. As a result, you can customize how you want the lush to look, in and around your deck.

For example, you can use a few, large house plants and move them to an ideal spot on the deck. The size of these plants should be large enough to obstruct external parties from peering in. Or you may choose to use the nearby trees or foliage to grow, in order to cover the deck entirely. When this happens, trim them to your liking to create a neat aesthetic!

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5. Umbrellas

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Similar to the canopy, installing an umbrella onto your deck can also be a great option. The only catch is that you will need a relatively large umbrella to cover all the space of the deck. Choose one that is of the same visual aesthetic as your deck for maximum appeal.

6. The Canopy

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Your typical summer months will bring with it some blazing hot temperatures. This means that although it can be enjoyable, it can quickly become unbearable. Plus, you probably do not want your neighbours looking at you when you are pretty sweaty! One of the best ways to solve both issues is to integrate a canopy onto the deck.

A canopy allows you to shield yourself and your guests from the sun’s rays. In addition, you can pick and choose the dimensions of the canopy itself. A good canopy should be able to cover all parts of your deck, without looking obtrusive. Choose one that has a similar colour to your deck, and it will look pretty awesome.