5 Ways to Decorate Your City Apartment with Vintage Cottagecore Aesthetics

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

There is a growing appeal in interior aesthetics that revolve around old-time charms. If you love dewy scented sunsets over the rustic countryside, it is time to revamp your apartment’s interiors.

Cottage aesthetics has a beautiful farmhouse vintage charm with antique furniture, faded linens, and classic old-time potteries. Floral prints and indoor plants add to the old-fashion feel of your interior. Let us look into some well-curated ideas to turn your mundane city apartment’s looks into nostalgic vintage cottage aesthetics.

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

5 Steps You Should Follow

The first step of designing your home with vintage decor is to know how the furnishings work. Cottagecore or farmhouse designs are all about comfort, natural lighting, and rustic furniture. The vintage decor adds a sense of nostalgia as if living in a folktale storybook.

Unlike minimalistic interior decor ideas, farmhouse aesthetics are more homely. Let us check the 5 simple ways to overhaul your apartment’s current decor into the close-knit yet breathable vintage interior decor:

1. Decorate Using Antique Furniture

Antique furniture in the 21st century is all about looks. Meaning, you need not buy actual vintage furniture but look for ones with an antique finish. These furnishings have an oak body, although mahogany and walnut are popular choices.

Recycled pine furniture is affordable and durable. It is stiffer than oak wood and adds a nostalgic vibe to the rooms. You can look for dinner tables, shelves, seatings, lighting, and cupboards with vintage finishes. For the best products, opt from recycled pine, mahogany, etc., as they guarantee the best quality under controlled prices.

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2. Natural Materials to Add a Lighter Finish

Organic interior decor materials are lighter, more affordable, and easy to maintain. You can add hemp, cotton, and wood furnishings to sprinkle in that perfect farmhouse look to the apartment.

Cotton bed covers and shower curtains can help with a cooling effect, as well as a vintage finishing touch. Similarly, hemp-twined light lamps and hemp rope swings on the porch are beautiful and rustic to the eyes. Cotton, hemp, and wood are durable and hence are profitable investments for your home.

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

3. Choose Soft Furnishings Over Stiffer Variants

The farmhouse aesthetics is all about coziness, comfort, and feeling snug. The goal here is to add decors that are functional in making you feel warm and at home.

Soft cotton and linen furnishing can add a wow factor to the cottagecore designs. You can opt for comfortable floor rugs over wooden floors and loomed cotton & linen decorative pillows for the ultimate comfort. Recycled cotton duvet covers and towels make for a vintage setting in your bedroom and washroom interiors.

These materials are available in multiple patterns and a variety of colors at affordable prices.

4. Reuse Clutter as Home Decor

There is a charm in planned clutter. For a quaint farmhouse feel, try to decorate with your disarrangement instead of clearing it up. For example, if you have some unread books lying about on your sofa, stack them up on a wooden table beside the seating.

Similarly, if you have some unfolded linens lying about, adorn them over chairs and sofa seating areas. Here, the aim is to have your rooms look effortlessly pretty in their most natural state.

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5. Put Fresh Fruits and Flowers on Display

The best way to adorn your room to match the rural culture is to add more fruits and flowers around the apartment. You can try organic paper pots with some fake plants and even add some fresh fruits in wooden bowls for the center table.

Doing so helps bring the interior decor closer to nature. Moreover, adding more greens and fruits to your home can help add more simplicity to your decor.

Give your apartment a cottagecore farmhouse vintage makeover, and make your at-home hours more cozy and comfortable.