4 Classic Wallpaper Design Ideas for Redecorating Master Bedrooms

Were you planning to redecorate the master bedroom with wallpaper? Don’t worry, and you are on the absolute right page. Yes! We have a fantastic collection of wallpaper designs that can perfectly match your taste and personality both.

Wallpaper plays a vital role in giving a makeover to your home, especially when planning to redecorate the master bedroom. Master bedrooms are the only room where one usually spends his/her most of the leisure and quality time.

Choosing the appropriate design wallpapers holds the utmost importance in setting the right vibe and match your room and expectations. Selecting the suitable wallpaper is not a small task, it is a complete challenge.

You need to look out for all the aspects while choosing the wallpaper design for the master bedroom. Right from style, lighting, space, furniture of the room, and many more in the list are considered while selecting the wallpaper design for your perfect master bedroom.

Classic Wallpaper Designs for Master Bedroom

We have collected six evergreen and classic wallpapers that will match your taste, personality, and trends that are having a great appreciation in the current Interior design world.

We have shortlisted all those wallpaper designs that will never lose their trend and will always make your room look classy and welcoming.

To make it even more comfortable, we have mentioned in brief the kind of lighting and furniture you can set in the room, keeping in mind the style and color of the wallpaper you are applying.

Types of Wallpapers

Let’s see what wallpaper design style will set your room and space to make it look more spacious, and beautiful & confident, just like you!

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Botanical Print Design

Bedroom Wallpaper Wallpaper VanGogh Blossom turquoise Room View

  • This beautiful and nature-friendly wallpaper that gives a royal and classic look to the bedroom is inspired by the famous Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh who is popularly known as the founder of modern art.
  • The rich turquoise base color of the wallpaper with these intricate detailing of the flowers and branches are, particularly for art and nature lovers.
  • This can correctly set for those master bedrooms which are occupied by romantic couples.
  • Color Theme: you may use black, grey, or white as the theme color.
  • Furniture: Now that the wallpaper has such fine detailings, keep the space open and use the minimum and ultimate table needed. Set up wooden furniture in the room to give it an elegant look.
  • Lightings for the room: Keep the lighting bright and try it on the wallpaper design to mark it as the center of attraction.

Palm Leaves Print Design

  • This Palm Tree printed wallpaper design carries a specific luxury factor with it.
  • Color Theme: for blending the objects and highlighting them with the wallpaper, use natural color, silver, and smoky purple color for the surrounding aspects.
  • Furniture: You may adapt classic rustic or modern look furniture to set with the wallpaper design. Make sure to use the right color theme as discussed above to make them match the room style.
  • Lightings: Install bright and soothing lights to make the room look more spacious and bright.

Luxury Print Design

Luxury Wallpaper Wallpaper Palazzo pine green Room View

  • This sophisticated tactile relief designs a royal and luxurious atmosphere to the room.
  • Just focus on the mesmerizing black tendrils with the shimmering black in the background.
  • Color Theme: Adopt off-white, light gold, rose gold, grey. All of these will blend perfectly.
  • Furniture: Install firm metal bed and sitting chairs and center table, for wardrobes and cabinets, you may set up glass furniture to make it perfectly melt with the room.
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Make sure you do not over occupy the room as the theme is dark, the room would look messy, and the dull is overfilled.

  • Lighting: The wallpaper design is dark, so make sure to install bright and warm lightings to give the room the right brightness.

Pastel Textured Design

  • Talking about the look, one of the most trending and evergreen durable, stylish wallpaper designs, what else do you want, friends?
  • Color Theme: Wallpaper is a light color, you may use the dark color theme for surrounding aspects.
  • Furniture: Wooden and modern both style of furniture can be happily adapted for this room.
  • Lightings: Install fancy lights or basic bright both can correctly set with the room.


Make sure to consider all of these essential aspects while selecting a wallpaper design: right from color, taste, style, lighting in the room, space available, and furniture. Every single aspect makes a lot of difference and impact on the entire master bedroom.