3 Beautiful Iron or Steel Railing Designs You Should Try for your House Railings

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If you are currently searching for the best design options suitable for your railings at home, this article is for you! Here, we provide the necessary details that you need to know about choosing the right railing design whether it may be for your balcony, porch, or any other parts of your home that would require railings. We also have included the possible benefits and mishaps that you may encounter if you chose between iron or steel as the main material for the railings.

The Pros and Cons of Choosing Iron or Steel Railing Designs

Selecting railings for your house could be a hassle-free process. Scroll below to read more about the differences between iron and steel railings.

The advantages of railings made out of wrought iron

  • Railings made out of wrought iron are sturdier than other commonly-used materials for creating railings which is why it is highly recommended for security-related use such as fences and barriers.
  • It lasts longer than other materials
  • It doesn’t require high maintenance when covered with a protective coating like paint
  • It is highly malleable and elastic which allows the material to be deformed or shaped into different figures
  • It cannot be easily ruined by destructive factors such as pests
  • It is very flexible and complements any interior design
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The disadvantages of railings made out of wrought iron:

  • It is much more costly than the other materials used for making house railings like glass, wood, or steel
  • In order to create and place the railings perfectly, you will need excellent accuracy and a keen eye for details especially during installation
  • The material can easily be rusted if it is directly displayed outside with external destructive factors such as unpredictable sudden weather changes and chemical processes like oxidation if the surface is not coated well
  • The surfaces have to be regularly painted to maintain their impressive condition
  • One of the heaviest materials and must be handled with extreme caution
  • The material, unfortunately, does not provide privacy
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The benefits of railings made out of steel:

  • It is also sturdier than most materials used for railings
  • It also lasts longer and does not get damaged easily when directly hit on the surface
  • It also requires less maintenance and is more resistant to corrosion unlike other types of metal which needs a protective layer of coating
  • It is suitable for modern and contemporary designs which do not need flexible features
  • It cannot also be easily damaged by pests and other creatures that destroy materials
  • It matches well with most interior designs for homes
  • It is more affordable than other materials utilized for custom made metal designs

The disadvantages of railings made out of steel:

  • Steel railings rust quickly when their surfaces are directly exposed to sunlight but can be avoided when coated with protective layers of paint and other corrosion-resistant chemicals
  • Steel railings used for defense and blockage would need regular coting replacements to maintain their conditions
  • Steel meshes can provide privacy only when recommended

At this juncture, you have known more about the advantages and disadvantages of the common railing materials presented. Now, we have listed below the possible railing styles for you to select from based on your house’s interior design.

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Examples of Railing Designs Made from Wrought Iron

1. Ornate railings for staircases

If you are looking for that particular railing style that exudes elegance and class, wrought iron will be your go-to material. Your staircase can transform into a luxurious house piece when fabricated with the complex shapes and figures on the surface.

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2. Wrought iron railings installed on balconies

This certain type of railing design has a transparent feature on its surface so that you are given the opportunity to have a complete view of the outside environment. This would surely look amazing if your place is near the mountains or bodies of water so you can have your free time just gazing at these astonishing views.

3. Handmade wrought iron railing patterns combined with wood

Combining iron and wood to make railings? Yes, that can be done! There are railings with handles, nosings, and risers made out of wood while the balusters are wrought iron. It just gives off the pleasant antique vibe especially if you are aiming for that earthy or vintage atmosphere for your home.

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

Examples of Railing Patterns Made of Steel

1. Railings made of steel and glass

Steel and glass make impressive results that display a contemporary minimalistic vibe that requires less maintenance and less hassle when installed. Furthermore, the portion where balusters are placed is made of glass which offers you a view of the nice sceneries.

2. Select the modern and symmetric layouts

Stainless steel is the material that does well in making modern railing designs look exquisite. This style utilizes straight rods of similar sizes that are installed on treads, nosings, and risers made of wood.

3. Industrial and contemporary railing styles

This specific railing design is usually coated with black powder to achieve that industrial feel while at the same time attached with thin meshed metal pieces on the balusters. These are usually featured as simplistic railings with thin metal rods, both on the handle and balusters. They appear neat, easier to maintain, affordable, and last longer.

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Final tips

To help you decide on the appropriate design patterns for your railings at home, you have to ask the following questions:

  • Are you specifically looking for the material that can complement your ornamental interior design or something simpler?
  • Would you prefer to have privacy or a more open surface?
  • Are your railings getting exposed directly outside of your home?
  • Would you prefer to have a railing design that does not require high maintenance or would you rather have one that would need regular maintenance?
  • What is your specific budget for the whole item and its fabrication procedure?

Take note of the questions above to guide you with your decisions. However, if you entirely do not have an idea about your railing preference, companies are willing to assist you and your custom metal railing. Just contact them directly and they will gladly cater to your requests.