18 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Fenceline

If you’re lucky enough to have garden space, one of the most overlooked areas to have fun with is by decorating your fenceline.

We’re always looking for satisfying projects around the home, and what better project than by brightening the place up?

It’s a fantastic and safe way to spend some time outdoors and make something beautiful. So if you’ve been thinking about it (or it just came to you), enjoy our treasure trove of fence decoration inspiration.

1. A Sweet Family Garden

Karen Arnold, Public Domain Pictures

If your little ones have outgrown their gumboots, the brightly colored footwear makes adorable planters and a way to spend a happy afternoon planting with the little ones. Let them choose which plants go in which boot.

2. Hanging Baskets

Ken Kistler, Public Domain Pictures

Thanks to being outside, it doesn’t matter if the baskets are a little old and worn – in fact, it adds to their character. String up a selection of them as a display, or use them for potted plants or other ornaments.

3. Create A Birdbox Haven

George GrimmHowell, Public Domain Pictures

One of the oldest, and loveliest, ways to decorate your fenceline is by adding bird boxes. You can choose a uniform theme, or go crazy with bright colors and styles.

4. Collect or Recycle Old Licenses


A great one if you’ve moved around a lot, or if you want to create a family wall, old licenses are a bright and colorful way to decorate your fenceline.

5. Savor Traditional Planters


If you’re looking for a more traditional style, planters full of flowers are always a beautiful choice. Or if you fancy growing your own herb garden, using planters will make the area smell great, and be easier to manage.

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6. Make A Work Of Art

Linnaea Mallette, Public Domain Pictures

No matter if you’ve got an artistic streak or not, consider painting a mural to decorate your fenceline. Use it as an art project, or commission a piece from a local artist.

7. Traditional With A Twist

Petr Kratochvil, Public Domain Pictures

While wooden fences are a staple of a traditional fenceline, you can make yours unique by incorporating wooden shutters.

8. Choose The Fairy Lights Way

Chance Monnette, Unsplash

It’s a time-honored tradition that never fails to charm. Outdoor fairy lights are as simple, and effective as it gets, especially if you like to sit out in your garden at night.

9. Style Some Potted Plants


It’s a great idea to pick a simple pot for the plants and then use the flowers to create vibrance and color.

10. Let X Mark The Spot

Bogdan Dada, Unsplash

Another great way to show your personality is to go for some typography. No matter what kind of letter you like, it’s a striking way to decorate a fence.

10. Keep Old Tools In Sight


For a chic, yet rustic approach, using old gardening tools that you have around the place is a great way to upcycle and create an unusual fenceline.

11. Find A Home For Your Vacation Souvenirs


Instead of throwing out those old trinkets and souvenirs, why not see if some of them work on your garden fence?

12. Ever Reliable Mason Jars


It’s impossible to tire of mason jars, and they make perfect additions to your fence. Add a tealight, or a planter, for some extra charm.

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13. Painted Or Stained Wooden Shapes

Linnaea Mallette, Public Domain Pictures

Cutting pieces of wood and giving them a light painting or staining can make a winning tableau.

14. Don’t Throw Away What You Can Upcycle

Shari Weinsheimer, Public Domain Pictures

Don’t despair of rusty old equipment (or ask your neighbors if you think they might have one to spare): it can make a sweet addition to your fence.

15. Happy Buoys


Thanks to their bright colors and interesting shapes, buoys can add some cheer and color.

16. Repurpose Old Christmas Ornaments

Peter Griffin, Public Domain Pictures

If you’ve replaced your Christmas ornaments but don’t want to throw them out, some of the more year-round shapes can work perfectly.

17. Love Locks

Garry Knight, Flickr

Who says you have to go to Europe to experience a love lock – create or place tabs for loved ones or special events. For a more temporary version, try with scraps of brightly colored paper.

18. In And Out Of Frame

Jessica Ruscello, Unsplash

Whether you choose to hang up uniform frames for art and quotes or go crazy with shapes and colors, decorating your fenceline with frames gives a unique, homely feel.