What To Consider When Buying New Furniture

What To Consider When Buying New Furniture

Whether you want to add an accent chair to the living room or remodel your home, shopping for furniture can be intimidating. While it may seem easier to shop online and hope for the best, you are guaranteed a good outcome every time if you go into the store. Shopping for furniture in person lets you see and feel what you’re buying. Many people don’t know what to consider when buying new furniture and will walk through an entire store without touching a single piece. Use these tips and tricks so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Talk To the Salespeople At the Furniture Store

Connect with the salespeople when you visit furniture stores. Designers have a great deal of information about home décor and provide details about discounts and specials. A good salesperson will always tell you when the next sale is going to happen. Make sure you sit on the chairs, beds, and couches you want to try and don’t be afraid to ask to take home fabric swatches.

If you are trying to keep a budget in mind, ask your salesperson about any floor models that interest you. You might be able to take the item that’s right in front of you. Sometimes, you can negotiate with your salesperson and have them discount a high-priced item or throw in extra pillows or cushions.

Make a Room Mockup

Get an idea of what your space will look like before purchasing new furniture when you draw a mockup of your room. Some furniture stores have magnetic sets, but you can use pen and paper. It’s important to measure when drawing your mockup so you can get a visual of the ways to mix and match your furniture. If you’re adding to your collection, begin by placing the pieces that you already have before trying to figure out where to fit something new.

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Pick a Good Time To Buy Furniture

Experts know that the best months to shop for furniture are January and July. Stores get new collections in February and August, and they try to clear as much old stock as possible before the new items arrive. Many stores run additional summer sales as well as holiday sales. Popular holidays for furniture sales include:

  • Presidents’ Day
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July

Pro Tip: Do not be pressured to buy something because a salesperson wants to clear their stock. Take your time deciding so that you can choose the piece or set that’s right for you.

Furniture shopping should be an enjoyable experience for everyone. You get to look at beautiful interior design options and lounge around on the most modern couches and mattresses on the market. Knowing what to consider when buying new furniture takes the fear and anxiety out of walking into a furniture store.