Ways To Bring a Rustic Look To Your Home

Ways To Bring a Rustic Look To Your Home

If you’re finding your living space feeling a bit dull, why not consider an upgrade to the good old days with a rustic makeover? With a few central pieces and some minor redecorating, you can breathe new and natural life into a room or even your entire house. Here are just a few ways to bring a rustic look to your home.

Leave It Wide Open

If you already have natural features in your home such as exposed beams, stone walls, hardwood floors, and a fireplace, then preserve and maintain them. Don’t cover them up or make cheap “modernizing” alterations. They’re a great canvas for a rustic and countrified look. Some basic cleaning and refinishing can bring a rich and rugged look to the entire room. Have carpet and wallpaper that don’t convey a country feel? Get rid of it.

Pick a Few Central Pieces

Consider buying your central pieces of furniture—a rustically design couch, a solid wood bed, or a dining table—first. Plan the ambience and appearance of the rest of the room based on the piece’s colors, pattern, profile, or general look. Live edge slab dining tables can inspire all sorts of ideas with their wholly unique shapes, patterns, and tones. Start with the central piece and then work outwards. But make sure you don’t pick too many visually “heavy” pieces that make a space feel cluttered.

Hit the Antique Fairs

Extend the settler/pioneer aesthetic with household items and objet d’art that use natural materials like wood and stone. Wooden salad bowl and servers, cutting boards, and trenchers will look warmer and homier than serving implements made of plastic or metal. At the same time, old metal signs, trays, toys, farm implements, and other antique metal décor items can lend vintage authenticity. Antique stores are good ways to bring a rustic look to your home, of course. Visit an antique fair or two; you may come away with an amazing find or two.

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Rustic Doesn’t Have To Mean Rough

Once you have that deep forest cabin look, remember that you want to relax in your house, not survive. Just because it’s rustic doesn’t have to mean it has to be austere. Comfy up the place with some well-chosen farmhouse pillows, wool blankets, faux hide rugs, and soft-glow lamps. Arrange the furniture to allow for easy flow and room for family conversations.

Let It Grow

The surest way to add natural life to any home is through potted plants. Try appointing your home with hosting ferns and other easy-to-maintain plants. Visit your local garden store and inquire about low-maintenance house plants that can lend a green and leafy feel to the visuals of your home.