15 DIY Halloween Yard Decorations

Funny Halloween Garden Decoration

Trick-or-Treat time is here again. Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone is gearing up for this freaky fun-filled holiday. People have started picking out their costumes, treats for kids and finalizing their front yard decoration plans. While most people like to get ready-made themed décor items, we would encourage you to save on your pockets and create your own Halloween yard decorations. Bring out the child in you and have fun as a family while creating these creative and spooky Halloween outdoor decorations. We have offered all type of décor ideas keeping in mind everyone’s diverse choices.

1. Witch Themed Halloween Decorations

Create your front yard into a witch’s den party. You can craft out cut outs in witches shape stick them on a wooden stick. Draw and paint evil face masks for each witch with naughty wicked expressions. Enhance it with witch’s attire and broom sticks. It is an interesting theme that will allure trick-or-treaters.

Witch Themed Halloween Decorations

Image Credit: Family Holiday

2. Pirate Themed Halloween Outdoor Décor

Turn your garden into a pirate skeleton themed Halloween party. This is an easy and inexpensive idea of DIY Halloween decorations for your yard. All one needs is to craft out skeleton figures and decorate them with cool chest printed t-shirts, eye-patches and bandana scarves to give them a pirate look. You can arrange them in boat shaped cut out with a treasure chest and beer glasses.

Pirate Themed Halloween Outdoor Decor

Image Credit: Hubmig

3. Spooky Halloween Yard Decorations

Impress your neighborhood with this hair-raising and startling Halloween decoration. Use old clothes and stuff them to make it look like a human being. Hang this stuffed man on a tree’s trunk, looking like someone has tripped while riding their bicycle and their head stuck in the trunk. And for a freaky feel on the other side of the tree hang a devil or ghost mask.

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Spooky Halloween Yard Decorations

Image Credit: My Home Decorating

4. Freaky Halloween Outdoor Decoration

To intrigue and scare your guests, this is one of the best Halloween yard decoration ideas. All one needs is an attractive pair of stockings or printed leggings and shoes. Stuff the leggings and put shoes. Place it near the door or in the lawn near a pothole or stone. It adds an unnerving effect on onlookers.

Freaky Halloween Outdoor Decoration

Image Credit: Cumbreempersarial

5. Monster Halloween Décor Ideas

Turn your home into a monster house with this classy yet scary Halloween decoration idea. Sit as a family and cut out frightening big monster eyes and sharp teeth jaws to hang outside your home. It is a decoration idea which will appeal all trick-or-treaters and spectators.

Monster Halloween Decor Ideas

Image Credit: blogspot

6. Creepy Spider Halloween Décor Ideas

Halloween festival is all about eerie and scary creatures including bats, snakes, ravens and spiders. Use these animals to give your garden a weird and wicked feel. One can create these with black garbage bags and art paper. This decoration idea goes easy on your pocket and isn’t difficult to create. Accentuate it with evil carved pumpkins.

Creepy Spider Halloween Decor Ideas

Image Credit: Money Crashers

7. Beautiful Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween isn’t just about creepy and spooky decorations. If scary is not what you’re looking for, you can adorn your garden or balcony area with fairy lights and carved pumpkins. This sweet décor is pleasing to the eye.

Beautiful Halloween Yard Decorations

Image Credit: HomeTrendesign

8. Haunted Mansion Halloween Decorations

Give your home a completely unique make-over this Halloween season. Give it a haunted mansion’s feel with exciting, devilish and intimidating DIY Halloween decorations. Embellish your exterior with thin white muslin clothes creating a spider web feel. Add few wooden planks nailed on the outside. Hang some tarantulas on the webs for enhanced effect. And for the spookiest impact, hang a ghostly figure at the entrance and a danger sign in the front yard. You can also hang some skeletons in the garden area to go with the entire look.

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Haunted Mansion Halloween Decorations

Image Credit: Unique Home Decorating

9. Pumpkin Halloween Decorations

Pumpkins are an essential element of Halloween décor. No Halloween season is complete without pumpkins. The image below displays two different ways you can use pumpkins for decorations. Place them over dried leafless trees with raven cut outs for a scary impact. Carve them with different patterns and place them in the pathway leading them to a ghostly figure. These lighted pumpkins display a majestic aesthetic appeal.

Pumpkin Halloween Decorations

Image Credit: Digsdigs

10. Graveyard Theme Halloween Decorations

Graveyard décor themes are commonly seen during Halloween. We’ll help you build your graveyard theme in a cost-effective manner. Use old carton boxes to design the gravestones and enhance them with colored art cards or chart papers. Cut them in different shapes and sizes. Place skull heads and bones around them to create a startling outcome.

Graveyard Theme Halloween Decorations

Image Credit: Homedit

11. Scarecrow Themed Halloween Yard Décor

Scarecrows are another Halloween tradition and make excellent décor items. It is a quick and handy décor item to make at home. One can use hay or broom sticks to make them stand and use old clothes to dress them as sweet or scary idols. Pumpkins along with the maple leaf holly on the window add an oomph factor to this decorative yard.

Scarecrow Themed Halloween Yard Decor

Image Credit: Resoucedir

12. Funny Halloween Yard Decoration

If you are fond of caricatures and art, now is the time to bring it to use. An exclusive Halloween yard decoration idea that is fun and attractive. If you are not good at carving pumpkins, this is a perfect way of bringing out the child and artist in you. Design different caricatures on pumpkin cutouts and place them in your garden. Hang friendly ghosts cut outs and enhance it with lighting for a stunning Halloween feel.

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Funny Halloween Garden Decoration

Image Credit: Docxie

13. Graveyard Halloween Décor

This is another graveyard Halloween theme that brings out a thrilling and haunted effect. One can play with different colored-lights to create a creepy feel. A mist machine adds an excellent smoky and scary effect. Place a coffin box and a skeleton inside to dramatize the entire scene.

Graveyard Halloween Decor

Image Credit: Momtoob

14. Lighted Pumpkins Halloween Décor

One of my favorite décor ideas – filled with happiness and light. This front yard is filled with different carved pumpkins in various shapes and sizes. Each one is placed with a candle to give it an illuminated effect. If one is not comfortable with carving, you can buy artificial carved pumpkins easily available at dollar shops. Another benefit for these is that you can store them and use them repeatedly for many years.

Lighted Pumpkins Halloween Decor

Image Credit: Womansday

15. Ghost Bonfire Halloween Decoration

This décor idea is a stylish and easy way to make a ghost’s bonfire party. You can use waste plastic sheets and wrap them up around a wooden stick. For an added effect one can also use a muslin cloth for the upper layer. Create the statues holding hands and dancing. For the bonfire create a heap of dried leaves of wood twigs and place yellow small lights for fire effect. It gives your front yard a perfect Halloween feel.

Ghost Bonfire Halloween Decoration

Image Credit: Pink Pixie Forest

It is a must to add Halloween yard decorations to your home exteriors to be a part of the Halloween festival tradition. We hope that our ideas have helped you to finalize your Halloween décor themes this year. Start creating your master art pieces now. Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween…Boo!

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