19 Sep 2014

15 Unique Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Well, what good would it do to your home if the most intimate place, aka, the bathing chamber appears as if it is the most dull and drab place in your entire house that doesn’t inspire you
18 Sep 2014

15 Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas

A studio apartment is one with a limited space and hence it demands the best of your creativity when it comes to decorating it. At the same time, it also allows you to spend on things that
17 Sep 2014

18 Amazing Bathrooms With Mosaic Tiles

A big jacuzzi, wine glasses kept on a mini table, scented body wash and lukewarm water running down the tap; is that your idea of a luxurious bathroom? If yes, have you seen how immaculate and gorgeous
16 Sep 2014

15 Creative Ideas For Painting Staircase

Staircases are often a point of attraction in your home, be it on the exterior or in the interior. If you are thinking of welcoming your guests with an out of the box idea or having uniquely
15 Sep 2014

Stylish Ceiling Ideas That Can Spice Up Your Home

If there is something people dread more than building their houses right, it would be getting their ceiling right. With so many different designs, color combinations and amazing visuals available and limited only by one’s own creativity,
12 Sep 2014

15 Creative Living Room Seating Ideas

Living rooms, as we have mentioned many times, are the most important places in a house. These are the places where we welcome guests and spend quality time with friends and family. As such, these areas must
11 Sep 2014

18 DIY Wall Decor Ideas That Gives Attractive Look to Your Home

If you are renovating your home or just have an empty wall in your home that keeps staring at you like a blank box, indulging yourself in making up some great DIY wall art pieces can be
10 Sep 2014

Top 15 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Spick and span; that’s the kind of home which everyone wants to have. From the porch to the bathroom, people put in a lot of efforts and money these days to come up with a home which