13 Oct 2014

15 Cute Hello Kitty Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen is the heart of the house and the lives of all family members revolve around it. Kitchen is no longer an area merely used for cooking, it is a place where the entire family can bond
10 Oct 2014

15 Wood Flooring Ideas for Living Room

The floor greatly affects the look of a whole room. It can be minimalist or grand. It can be the major design element of the whole room. It can also be a background that enhances the room’s
9 Oct 2014

15 DIY Living Room Chandeliers

When it comes to decorating the interiors, going on a DIY spree is something that a lot of people are taking up these days. Be it the Living room dividers or couch, designing and crafting items for
8 Oct 2014

15 Tips For Choosing Curtains For Kids Room

All parents want to decorate their kids’ personal space in the best possible manner. They end up spending hours contemplating the most appropriate designs and accessories. Windows might just be a source of ventilation and light for
7 Oct 2014

15 Jellyfish Inspired Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Lighting can play a very important role in determining whether you have a fine taste in interior designing or not. The modern times have revolutionized the way we design and decorate our homes. It is not sufficient
6 Oct 2014

15 Stainless Steel Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen is a place where every woman spends most of their time. It is therefore a necessity and even a dream to have this space of the house equipped with the most advanced and best of appliances.
3 Oct 2014

18 Ultimate Outdoor Furniture Ideas For Summer

When warm weather arrives, it is very tempting to spend quality time outdoors. On mornings, coffee and waffles will be a lot more enjoyable if you consume them under the summer morning sun. You also should not
2 Oct 2014

12 Terrarium Ideas for Home Decor

Want to try something new and innovative ways to decorate your house? Enter the era of the terrarium where you can hold a cluster of plants and other organisms in a closed glass container of different shapes