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26 Nov 2014

18 Interior Design Trends to Watch For in 2015

2015 will be all about modern contemporary looks paired with resourcefulness. The emphasis would be on luxury but one which also offers great comfort. Interior design trends would focus on looks which would add glamor and class
21 Nov 2014

16 Japanese Interior Design Ideas for your Homes

Japanese interior designs focus on minimalism and creating beauty and harmony using stark, natural elements. The colors which most designers use to create a Japanese d├ęcor are pretty basic like white, tan, gray and a few accents
30 Oct 2014

40 Cool Home Library Ideas

By definition, a home library is a place in a house where one would store his or her books in an organized fashion. A home library is perhaps the most pious room for such folks that are
28 Oct 2014

15 Creative Home Office Ideas

Thanks to the internet, working from home is a trend that has become quite popular in recent years and is still gaining popularity. A properly organized work space will help you maintain your focus and get work
24 Oct 2014

15 Inspiring Laundry Room Ideas

A complete home involves many rooms other than bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen. One such important room where everyone spends their time is the laundry room. In earlier times not much importance was given to this room’s
23 Oct 2014

15 Spooky Halloween Hallway Decoration Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner you must be wondering if you could come up with some innovative Halloween hallway decoration ideas. Wouldn’t it be great if you could really spook those who come over at your
10 Oct 2014

15 Wood Flooring Ideas for Living Room

The floor greatly affects the look of a whole room. It can be minimalist or grand. It can be the major design element of the whole room. It can also be a background that enhances the room’s
16 Sep 2014

15 Creative Ideas For Painting Staircase

Staircases are often a point of attraction in your home, be it on the exterior or in the interior. If you are thinking of welcoming your guests with an out of the box idea or having uniquely