16 Japanese Interior Design Ideas for your Homes

Japanese interior designs focus on minimalism and creating beauty and harmony using stark, natural elements. The colors which most designers use to create a Japanese décor are pretty basic like white, tan, gray and a few accents of gold as well. However sometimes these basic colors are drawn out by shades of fiery red, black and green to add a bit of drama.

The Japanese abhor clutter of any kind and use decoration pieces sparingly. Usually family heirlooms, pieces of art and small decorative pieces are displayed in a Tokonoma alcove. They may also place bonsai plants around their homes in certain locations. Since Japanese are great believers in privacy they make use of paper screens called shoji which act as partitions too. Following are 16 Japanese interior design ideas for your homes.

1. Tranquil And Serene Tea Room

This lovely Japanese tea room is composed of hardly any furniture. Notice that the table in the middle of the room is low lying. The delightful orb shaped chouchin lanterns give this space a distinct Japanese touch. The beautifully patterned shoji screen also adds an authentic touch to this tranquil tea room. Shoji screens are a great way of letting in the light without the sun’s glare. The tatami mats also add an exclusive Japanese ambiance. If you are thinking of instilling a Japanese tea room in your homes then this is indeed a lovely Japanese decor from which you can certainly take a bit of inspiration.

Japanese Interior Design

Image Credit: homeideasfinder

2. Japanese Interior Design For The Dining Room

Notice how the rooms, which compromises of Japanese decor are totally clutter free. The delightful bonsai plant placed next to the table gives this room, a genuine Japanese feel. Also the furniture is so low lying that the chair don’t have feet but are instead placed on the ground. The base colors are crème and white which makes it a lovely choice with no other splashes of color to this sparse yet pleasant dining room.

Japanese Interior Design

Image Credit: fanelis

3. Tokonoma Alcove For Japanese Interior Design

No Japanese home is without a Tokonoma Alcove. It’s a small elevated space in the living room or the tea room where the Japanese may display their family heirlooms or one or two bonsai plants. Notice how the Tokonoma alcove in this picture consists of only a few decoration pieces such as the lovely Japanese fan, a vase with Ikebana (traditional Japanese flower decoration) and one or two decoration pieces. The Japanese homes have very few decoration pieces and whatever they would like to be displayed are done in a Tokonoma Alcove.

Japanese Interior Design

Image Credit: bonsaiinformation

4. Modern Japanese Décor For The Bedroom

This sophisticated and elegant Japanese bedroom would simply take your breath away. Notice how drama is created by the interplay of neutral colors in this beautifully stark room which is clutter free. The shoji screens which are shown to be open here can also be closed for privacy purposes. The Japanese make use of as much natural materials as they can; the textured floor adds a touch of authenticity to this modern Japanese bedroom. The exquisite lamp and the appliquéd flower art deco painting in the background all give this room an amazing look to this futuristic Japanese bedroom.

Japanese Interior Design

Image Credit: blazzinghouse

5. Elegant Japanese Bathroom With Soaking Tub

This traditional Japanese décor for a bathroom invokes a sense of spa like beauty and serenity. The lovely soaking tub is so typical of authentic Japanese bathrooms. The dark cabinets give it an added grace and the lovely pebbled stonework beneath the soaking tub invokes images of old fashioned Japanese bath houses. A great idea if you are the kind of person who loves having a relaxing bath after a hard day’s work!

Japanese Interior Design

Image Credit: japology

6. Beautiful Japanese Garden Placed Under An Outdoor Stair Case

The purpose of such a garden is to invoke a sense of calmness in those visiting your homes; so that when they descend from the stairs they can view the appealing and engaging little garden and have the desire to inspect it closely. This adds a touch of genuine Japanese décor, while creating harmony and synchronization in this small but useful place. The plants used under this stair case garden are few in number and yet create a look of complete balance and equilibrium when paired with the little rock garden and gravel work.

Japanese Interior Design

Image Credit: homemydesign

7. Exquisite Japanese Interior Decoration For Your Dining Room

One look at this lovely dining room and you feel you are in love. The clean minimalist look of this room will certainly appeal to those who want their meal times to be devoid of noise and confusion. Anyone can imagine enjoying a piping hot lunch or dinner in this tranquil dining room. The single orb shaped chouchin lamp is the only source of artificial light. The soft gauze like material on the window also softens the sun’s glare. The traditional shoji screens which act like sliding doors add a touch of old world Japanese glamor to this modern dining room. The plants placed on each end also add a genuine look, a truly inspiring design for those who are a firm believer in the minimalist look favored by most Japanese designers.

Japanese Interior Design

Image Credit: iseecubed

8. Striking Appliqués On The Wall Of A Bedroom

The Cherry blossoms invoke images of old day Japan and the lovely geishas who used to adorn these in to their attire. Notice how the appliqué on the wall adds an authentic touch to this mess free bedroom, where all lines are clearly defined. The bed is low lying yet very comfortable and the round pillows with Japanese detailing also add a delightful touch.

Japanese Interior Design

Image Credit: homylights

9. Stunning Japanese Kitchen And Dining Room

Since the Japanese incorporate natural materials in their homes, notice how the light colored wood accents have been used on the floors and the cabinets to create a sense of harmony. The ikebana placed on the dining table adds a true Japanese touch to this modern and clean cut room. The diffused lightening in the room is also a typical Japanese feature and the muted colors create a sense of scenic splendor.

Japanese Decor

Image Credit: kneeldown

10. Wind chimes For Japanese Decoration

Wind chimes are a great way of adding an authentic Japanese touch to your homes. Wind chimes are quite popular in all Japanese households and are considered to be symbols of good luck which ward off the evil eye of those who wish you ill. Add a touch of true authentic Japanese décor to your homes with lovely wind chimes and let the soothing sounds these make envelope you in a cocoon of peaceful bliss.

Japanese Decor

Image Credit: oriental-decor

11. Breath taking Japanese Décor

This classic and minimalist dining room is all about clean open spaces and clear cut lines. The textured stone wall is a true symbolism of Japanese architecture, because Japanese believe in using completely natural materials in their home and décor. The sliding shoji screens diffuse the light and dapple the room in an air of mystery. It evokes images of oriental times when all things were hushed and tranquil and when peacefulness was preferred above all other things. The simple bonsai arrangement on the dining table also adds a lovely finishing touch to this classic room!

Japanese Decor

Image Credit: lcaid

12. Classy And Exclusive Japanese Décor For Bedrooms

A bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place which gives you peace and quiet. One where you can relax and what better ways to get it then by decorating your bedroom like the one in this picture. Notice how everything from the furniture to the walls has muted undertones. The wooden furniture is simple yet exclusive. This bedroom is a concrete example of minimalist Japanese décor where less is always considered more. Also note the lack of clutter and decoration pieces. The half opened orb shaped chandelier and the similar etchings on the wall at the back of the bed add a delightful touch to this serene room!

Japanese Decor

Image Credit: decosee

13. Elegant Japanese Tea Room Cum Living Room

This classy and elegant Japanese décor is a perfect example of how space has been utilized in a clever way and the tea room lies adjacent to the living room. The tea room is characterized by the ground cushions and a low lying table. The dark wooden flooring and the white sofas add a bit of modern luxury to this lovely room and drama is created by the vivid splash of red. The frame with Japanese characters on the stoned wall adds an authentic touch. The sliding door covered with transparent gauzy curtains diffuses the lights and adds an ethereal touch to this otherwise contemporary Japanese décor.

Japanese Decor

Image Credit: ranario

14. Rock Gardens For Japanese Décor

Zen rock gardens like this one are a great way of having authentic Japanese looks to your homes. This artistically created Rock garden would provide you with an innate sense of peace and quiet. It can even be turned in to a do it yourself kind of project. All you need is some fine grained sand, a couple of pebbles like the one in this picture and a rake and go about designing your own personal rock garden!

Japanese Decor

Image Credit: interiordesignarticle

15. Traditional Tatami Mats

Tatami mats are made from natural materials and are meant to be walked upon barefoot. See how this tea room is devoid of any furniture except the Tokonoma Alcove, in which are artfully displayed a wall mat with Japanese characters and Japanese ikebana vase and just one decoration piece. The sliding shoji screens diffuse the sunlight and immerse the room in a shroud of mystery. A small cabinet in a corner with a Japanese motif designed on it adds the finishing touch to this lovely and serene room.

Japanese Decor

Image Credit: blogspot

16. Bonsai Plants

Bonsai plants are a great way of adding genuine Japanese decor to your homes. In fact there are hardly any Japanese homes without these traditional bonsai. Bonsai is an ancient Japanese art form which prunes trees which are meant to be big and majestic in to small miniatures. It takes years of practice to develop an art like this and the result is a charming miniature tree. Add a few Bonsai plants to your home for that bona fide Japanese touch!

Japanese Decor

Image Credit: wordpress

Incorporating Japanese Décor in your homes is not such a daunting task and with few of the above mentioned ideas you can add authentic Japanese feel to your homes. Make it a fun do it yourself project with a bunch of pals. The minimalist furniture look also ensures that Japanese interior designing is quite cheap and not very expensive. Choose tatami mats, shoji screens, bonsai plants and throw in a rock garden and you have your bit of Japanese décor!

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