Inspiration: Sophisticated and Stylish Nurseries

They all say that decorating the nursery is one of the most important part of nesting. However, the cute and cuddly isn’t always for every mother. Some might choose for something more sophisticated. Here are some great stylish and sophisticated nurseries full of inspiration that we love.

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Beauty in the details

White is a color that is works for either gender, and radiates sweet innocent baby love. What really makes this nursery stand out and not look like a hospital room are the subtle things. The slightly off white detailing on the walls is to die for as well as the soft light with the pearl beads.

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Upgrade your rocker

Who says all rocking chairs have to be classic wooden grandma style? This nursery’s rocker is a plush lounge seat that you can sink into while you rock baby to sleep. It’s modern, stylish, and has a wide seat in case the toddler wants to join too.

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An interesting material

This nursery takes wall decor to a new level by bringing comfy softness into the room with billowing fabric that extends into the ceiling. The fabric is just heavenly as it floats above like a canopy of clouds.

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Accessorize with classic pieces

Nothing says sophisticated like a chandelier and art deco crib. The risk of a sophisticated style nursery is that it looks too grown up to feel like a place for a baby to be growing up. Bring in childhood memories with classic baby accessories such as a rocking horse, teddy bears, and mobile of airplanes.

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Mix up some stylish prints

Bring out your fashionista side by mixing and matching patterns. With solid walls, the prints bring a sense of fun back for your baby to grow up in. Put some classy florals in and some lines that match the furniture. Another great touch is the ornate mirror above the crib.

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Get creative with the lighting

Everyone loves a room filled with sunny natural light, especially a happy baby. When the sun goes down, you can keep that soft glow filling the room with a simple trick used by movie sets everywhere: Chinese lanterns. The paper diffuses the light in the room for a gentle ambient glow that fills the room instead of sending light in one particular direction.

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Clean up the lines

If fru-fru really isn’t your thing, using clean hard lines bring a very contemporary feel to a room. This can even work with nurseries. To keep the room from looking too hard and industrial, intersect some of the squares and lines and add a few rounded shapes into the decor.

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