18 Modern Coffee Table Ideas


A coffee table is supposed to be the centerpiece of a living room; without it, the interior looks incomplete and diminished. So choosing the correct coffee table for the living room is an important task. A coffee table does not only lend its aesthetic to the room, but also adds character to the ambiance. A modern living room aspires to be something more; and so a modern coffee table is what lends credibility to its aesthetic. It gives the overall ambiance a holistic look and is also pragmatic with its functionality.

There are so many variations of a modern coffee table available in the contemporary market that it is hard to make a plausible choice when buying your product. You have to know that the right modern coffee table has to suit the aesthetic of your home, and is not just limited to be the centerpiece of your living room – you can use it as a glory piece to your parlor, or breakfast nook or even as a side accoutrement to other luxurious furniture.

Following are some novel modern coffee table ideas that would look perfect in the right home.

1. Abstract Modern Coffee Table Design

2. Designer Cubby Coffee Table

3. Foldable Coffee Table

4. Patterned Coffee Table

5. The Aquarium Double Coffee Table

6. Leather Top Modern Coffee Table

7. Dual Table Coffee Table

8. Rustic Coffee Table

9. Modern Acrylic Coffee Table

10. The Fireplace Coffee Table

11. The Minimalist Coffee Table

12. Modern Coffee Table

13. Simple Modern Coffee Table

14. Oval Aquarium Coffee Table Design

15. Colorful Glass and Aluminum Coffee Table

16. Round Designer Coffee Table with Seats

17. Chic Ikea White Coffee Table

18. Classic Coffee Table


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