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7 Oct 2016

33 DIY Firepit Designs For Your Backyard

Come winters and you are forced to remain indoors post evening. However, nothing can beat the serenity and peacefulness of cold winter evenings. And for that you need to come up with a way to spend time
29 Jul 2016

35 Inspirational Balcony Design Ideas

AWESOME…APPEALING…INSPIRATIONAL….Yes, these balcony design ideas shown below possess such uniqueness that cannot go unnoticed. A balcony is an important exterior feature of a house and can become a relaxing spot, provided you decorate it appropriately. Below, we
22 Apr 2016

16 Stunning Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Are you thinking of revamping your outdoor space without having to spend mega bucks? The easiest and most cost effective way to make your outdoor space achieve that dream like quality is by making a few changes
15 Apr 2016

35 Beautiful Pergola Designs Ideas

Here are some awesome pergola designs for all that wish to adorn their outdoor landscape with shaded structures or features, commonly known as pergolas. The concept of a pergola is not new, but has been in existence
6 Nov 2015

21 Front Porch Decorating Ideas For Fall

Today, we are going to present an awesome collection of front porch decorating ideas that will bring a total transformation to the way your porch or veranda looks this fall season. Yes, dear readers, you have entered
2 Mar 2015

50 Ultimate Backyard Swimming Pool Ideas

Swimming is an activity that has long been considered good for health. It is also an activity followed by many, so much so that it has now become an event in the Olympics. But swimming enthusiasts may
6 Feb 2015

15 Ultimate Roof Terrace Design Ideas

Those with a studio apartment are often lucky enough to have a roof terrace designed by a company like Longmont roofers. However most people have no idea of how they can use the various roof terrace design
8 Jan 2015

Fantastic Waterfall Designs for Your Backyard

Want to give your backyard a soothing luxurious feel? Add a waterfall. It will notch up the look of your house by many levels. Plus, waking up to a backyard waterfall, nothing can really beat that. Even