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19 Nov 2014

18 Functional Floating Shelves For Your Home

Shelves, the most essential and useful furnishing accessories of any household. Nowadays, the trend of getting floating shelves installed in ones home is the new cool. These special shelves add an immense amount of style to the
3 Nov 2014

15 Creative DIY Dorm Room Ideas

Just moved to college? We’re sure you’ve been weaving dreams about your dorm room ever since you got admission in the college. And, why not! A dorm room is that one place where students spend maximum times
9 Oct 2014

15 DIY Living Room Chandeliers

When it comes to decorating the interiors, going on a DIY spree is something that a lot of people are taking up these days. Be it the Living room dividers or couch, designing and crafting items for
2 Oct 2014

12 Terrarium Ideas for Home Decor

Want to try something new and innovative ways to decorate your house? Enter the era of the terrarium where you can hold a cluster of plants and other organisms in a closed glass container of different shapes
26 Sep 2014

18 Creative Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

The kitchen is a place where the caretaker of the house spends most of their time. Great food can only be created with the best ingredients and an implausible kitchen. Having all the appliances is not enough;
22 Sep 2014

20 Creative Living Room Divider Ideas

Whether your living room is big or small, you can easily break it into more components by making use of some creative and unique room dividers. They will not merely help you utilize the space efficiently, but
17 Sep 2014

18 Amazing Bathrooms With Mosaic Tiles

A big jacuzzi, wine glasses kept on a mini table, scented body wash and lukewarm water running down the tap; is that your idea of a luxurious bathroom? If yes, have you seen how immaculate and gorgeous
10 Sep 2014

Top 15 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Spick and span; that’s the kind of home which everyone wants to have. From the porch to the bathroom, people put in a lot of efforts and money these days to come up with a home which