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8 Apr 2016

18 Tips For Rocking Bathroom Wallpaper

Thinking of revamping your bathroom? Are you short on ideas? Fret not. One of the best ways of completely altering the way your bathroom looks is to add bathroom wallpaper on the dull and dreary walls. Not
10 Jun 2015

20 Home Decor Ideas To Decorate With Pastels

Pastel décor is soothing as well as pleasing to the eye. The one thing why most people desire pastel décor ideas is because you can never go wrong while decorating with these relaxing color schemes. To create
17 Mar 2015

16 Bohemian Bedroom Ideas For Kids

Having kids changes the whole lifestyle of a family. From two the family unit becomes compromised of three or more individuals. These little people enter our life with a bang and change everything. But perhaps many feel
9 Mar 2015

15 Ultimate Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

Thinking of giving your dining room a makeover? Searching for dining room wall décor ideas? Well look no further, we have lined up few of the best ideas for decorating your dining room walls. Dining room decor
27 Feb 2015

15 Chic Bathroom Tile Ideas

Thinking of renovating your bathroom without having to spend a great deal? The best way to add character to your bathrooms is by decorating it with chic bathroom tiles. Bathroom tiles come in a variety of shapes
6 Feb 2015

15 Ultimate Roof Terrace Design Ideas

Those with a studio apartment are often lucky enough to have a roof terrace designed by a company like Longmont roofers. However most people have no idea of how they can use the various roof terrace design
8 Jan 2015

Fantastic Waterfall Designs for Your Backyard

Want to give your backyard a soothing luxurious feel? Add a waterfall. It will notch up the look of your house by many levels. Plus, waking up to a backyard waterfall, nothing can really beat that. Even
12 Dec 2014

Bathroom Countertop Ideas and Installation Tips

Gone are the days, when people would ignore bathroom designing or for that matter give it any lesser importance. Bathroom Countertops have become an integral part of interiors with focal point being functionality. Even though functionality, maintenance